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   Quality wetsuit rentals
   Surfboard rentals
   Fiberglass and epoxy
   Soft beginner surfboards

     Surf Lessons

  2hr Group lessons
   2 hr Beginner private lessons
   1hr intermediate lessons

   Private Coaching

  One on one private coaching
  with instruction from grom 
  to advanced surfer. We have
  a coach that will team up with
  you no matter how good you 
  think you are.
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Surf Shop discounts
Equipment rentals
Private coaching
California surf trips
Costa Rica surf trips
Hawaii surf trips
Yoga surf retreats
Time Tunnel access 
Limited edition Tshirt 

   The Time Tunnel

Vintage surf boards from the  best hand shapers in the world for your riding pleasure.

Text Box: Text Box:                                        6 Wharf Road 
                       Downtown, Bolinas
Text Box: For surf lessons and pricing email: lessons@tamsurfclub.com